Jaron Ennis reportedly sues boxing promotion seeking in excess of $1 million for alleged breach of contract

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Jaron Ennis has filed a lawsuit against NOW Boxing.

'Boots' hasn't been seen in the ring since his bout against Roiman Villa. That fight last July saw Ennis claim yet another lopsided victory, this time by knockout. The win was also the first defense of his IBF welterweight title reign.

However, eight months later, the champion has failed to book his return to the ring. As it turns out, that's due to a dispute with his promoter, NOW Boxing. Earlier this week, Ennis filed a lawsuit against the company formerly run by Cameron Dunkin. However, due to his passing last year, the promotion is now run by his widow, Kellie.

The development of Ennis' lawsuit was first reported by BoxingScene. The case is largely based on the inactivity of 'Boots'. The four-year deal with NOW Boxing was supposed to see Ennis compete four times in years one and two and three times in years three and four.

Instead, he has only competed ten times in the last four years. Due to that, Ennis has filed a lawsuit against the promoter, seeking release from the contract. Furthermore, he's hoping to secure a judgment in excess of $1,000,000.

It's also worth noting that despite rumors of bouts with the likes of Terence Crawford and more, Ennis hasn't been offered a fight since last July. In the lawsuit, they write:

“To date, Defendant has not advised whether Ms. Dunkin or Defendant is a licensed Promoter. Plaintiff avers that Mrs. Dunkin has absolutely no experience promoting professional boxing events. Plaintiff’s last bout took place on July 8, 2023. Defendant has failed to offer any bout opportunities since that date.”

Is this the first time that Jaron Ennis has had a dispute with a promoter?

Jaron Ennis hasn't had great luck with promoters in his career.

With the lawsuit filed earlier this month, 'Boots' is now once again on the sidelines. While boxers and promoters feud all the time, this isn't the first time that Ennis has been involved in a situation like this.

Prior to signing with NOW Boxing, the IBF welterweight champion was with Victory Boxing. However, Ennis was only working with the Chris Middendorf-led promotion due to his friendship with the late Cameron Dunkin.

After Dunkin left Victory Boxing, so did Ennis. However, Middendorf later filed a lawsuit against the boxer over his promotional rights. The case was settled in 2021, and three years later, Ennis is now back dealing with legal matters.

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